3 Days Masai Mara Migration Safari Tours

Friday, 20 February 2015

Three Days Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration Safaris | Masai Mara 3 Days Tours – Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration Three (3) Day Trips Safaris

Three (3) Days Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration Safaris Tours

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Three Days Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration Safari Tours

The 3 days Masai Mara migration is the world’s largest animals spectacle that takes place every year between the Serengeti of Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. The migration and river crossing stampedes in Masai Mara take place in the months of July through October and is triggered by the lightning and onset of rains in the Mau hills in Kenya.

What is the Size of the Wildebeest Migration?

The wildebeest migration involves almost 2 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles moving across more than 3000km of grassland savannah and rivers from Serengeti into Masai Mara and back again into Serengeti. The animals are so vast that they can be seen via a live satellite feed in real time. The wildebeests also mow the grass as they move and reduce it to the ground before they move on to the next fresh pasture.

Migration of the wildebeests is also fraught with danger for the animals with the big cats like lions, leopards and cheetahs taking out the week and sickly ones. The crocodiles on the other hand lay in wait at the Mara River for their annual feast when thousands of the wildebeest drown in the flooded river as they attempt a crossing; sometimes in impossible places.

How many Tourists go for the Wildebeest Migration Safari?

The wildebeest migration in Masai Mara Kenya is so popular that over 350,000 tourists visit this park during the summer months just to witness this migration and more so the wildebeest river crossing stampedes. 

What Kinds of Accommodations Do we Have in Masai Mara?

Your accommodation is varied from luxury tented camps to budget tented camps, from basic camping in campsites to lodge accommodation and anything in between. Your budget will determine where you will finally decide to put up in Masai Mara.  We have some of the best luxury lodges and tented camps in Masai Mara as well as the most basic and roughing it camps as well.

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